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What should you be looking for with betting bookmakers?

There are many online betting bookmakers now. Hundreds in fact, spread out across the globe. You have betting bookmakers who operate in the USA, UK, Europe and Australia. You now have access to multiple currencies and the betting bookmaker web sites are available in multiple languages. Betting bookmakera have strengths in different areas, with some specialising in football fixed odds, tennis fixed odds betting, or American sports. The list could go on and on. You may want to look at our betting bookmaker review to find the best betting bookmakers.

The best betting bookmaker depends on whether you are new to fixed odds betting, want football fixed odds, are interested in sports arbitrage betting, are a regular fixed odds bettor but are new to online betting bookmakers, you want the best odds in town, or just want to have some fun and use the betting bookmaker's online free bet promotions. We will look at each in turn.

It's worth noting that due to advances in technology almost all online betting bookmakers are able to offer free deposits and withdrawals, multiple currencies and languages. You'll find that online betting bookmakers have many ways to deposit money and most online betting bookmakers are reliable when it comes to withdrawing funds.

What is the best way to deposit and withdraw?

After some research on this we have come to the conclusion the the most cost effective, secure and convenient way to deposit and withdraw is using moneybookers. Convenient because all betting bookmakers allow moneybookers as a means to deposit and withdraw funds. If you are opening more than one account you can manage all you deposits and withdrawals from one place. So if you are are asking.... are money bookers any good, have a look at our Moneybookers Review.

New to fixed odds betting?

If you have never used an online betting bookmaker we recommend taking full advantage of the free bet promotions on offer. There are literally hundreds of online betting bookmakers and they are very generous with online free bet offers. Betting bookmakers offer online free bets because they want to attract more people to fixed odds betting online. You have some of the oldest high street betting bookmakers like William Hill, Ladbrokes and Coral, to the newest like

Football fixed odds betting ?

Often betting bookmakers specialise in a particular sportsbook, for example some may specialise in football fixed odds betting. Or in particular football 'in running markets'. Betfair and Betfred have brought the fast moving, all action world of 'in running' markets to football fixed odds betting. Similar to financial markets and spread betting, the 'in running' fixed odds betting market has opened up many possibilities. If you are fast to react you can get some really good odds. It is worth bearing in mind that to get the best odds you may be better of looking at the bookmakers that do not specialise in football fixed odds betting, don't worry they'll be offering online free bets as well. You may want to look at our betting bookmakers review as well. As betting bookmakers change their business mix they will specialise in offering odds on different sports and markets. If you are looking for the best odds it may be worth thinking about where the betting bookmaker specialises.

Which betting bookmakers have the best odds in town?

We'd suggest using our odds comparison tool. However, for consistently good odds betting exchanges are a good place to look. These betting exchanges offer person to person betting where people trade bets by backing and laying an outcome. One of the largest is Betfair. Betfair advertise that they have on average 20% better odds than traditional online betting bookmakers. You may want a betting exchange free bet after reading this.

High stakes online bookmakers

Not all betting bookmakers cater for high rollers. Recommended high stakes bookmakers include Australia's Centrebet (they have a UK website), Canbet, and Pinnacle Sports (the worlds largest online bookmaker).

Sports arbitrage betting and betting bookmakers?

Betting bookmakers have some important features to consider if you are into sports arbitrage betting. You may like to learn more about sports arbitrage betting. Okay, so what do we need to think about if we are sports arbitrage betting? You need the betting bookmakers to accept high stakes on most sports. It is important that the bookmaker accept high stakes because if you are making money by sports arbitrage betting you normally make around 4% per trade. Sports arbitrage traders normally increase their stake as they increase their betting bank. As such you need a betting bookmaker that offers a high stake limit. Another important feature a betting bookmaker must have for sports arbitrage betting is reliability. You must ensure you are constantly connected to the betting bookmakers web site. This is important because sports arbitrage trading relies on you being able to place your online bets quickly with each online betting bookmaker. We have highlighted some betting bookmakers in our betting bookmakers review that are good for sports arbitrage betting. You may want to read the Centrebet review, Canbet review, and the Pinnaclesports review.

Want to take advantage of betting bookmakers online free bet promotions?

We've already mentioned there are loads of generous free bet offers from betting bookmakers, due to all the competition. This is a good thing because if you are a regular to fixed odds betting on the high street, you can just take you fixed odds betting online for free. Opening an account with a few online betting bookmakers and benefiting from each free bet offer in return. If this sounds good you may want to visit our carefully selected choice of online free bet offers.

You receive your free fixed odds bet after sign up normally.  When you can start free fixed odds betting depends on how the betting bookmakers operates.  You will receive your free fixed odds bet in one of the following ways.

  • Free Bets are offered once you have registered your details.
  • Free Bets offered once you’ve added money to your account
  • Or you get your free bet once you placed a bet.

How do I get my free fixed odds bets

You need to select a betting bookmaker.  To help we have put together a collection of the best free fixed odds bets available and a directory of fixed odds bookmakers.  You can access these below.

Online Free Bets

Direcotry of online bookmakers

Just click through to the betting bookmaker's site and register yourself to sign up.  This of course is free. When you have registered you will need to verify your account usually by email.  Now you can start free fixed odds betting online by one of the ways described above.
The online betting bookmaker may ask you to match your free fixed odds bet.  Normally they will match your first bet with a free bet of up to a maximum of £50.  Anything more is a bonus.  Or you can proceed to betting with your fixed odds bet immediately.
Lets Compare Bets offers a directory of betting bookmakers which offer free bets.   What we want to do is give you the choice as to which fixed odds bookmaker to use.

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