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Goal Betting

A reliable method of football fixed odds betting is betting on the number of goals scored in a game. Betfair trading strategies have been formed around goal betting because goals produced per match are more certain. Goal betting can be easier to predict than match betting. Also the bookmakers odds are not so keen, hence it is easier make more money from winning bets. Lets look at some of the most popular goals bets available. This page will help visitors learn the basics of football betting. For more detailed information about football betting follow the link at the top right of this page. Amongst other things it explains different ways of selecting goal bets, corner bets and how to use statistics when goal betting.

Total Goals

Over under 2.5 goal betting

  Typical Odds
Under 2.5 Goals 10/11
Over 2.5 Goals Evens


Simply betting on the total number of goals produced in the match. The betting bookmakers have access to large amounts of statistics which they use to base their predictions. You can either bet for over 2.5 goals in total, or Under 2.5 goals. The .5 of a goal just means that the figure has to be a whole number, either two goals or below (and the under bet wins) or three goals or more (and the over bet wins).

So scores of 0-0, 1-0, 1-1 = Under 2.5 Goals. Scores of 2-1, 2-2, 3-1, 3-2 and so on = Over 2.5 Goals.

Let's Compare Bets recommends Betfair for goal betting. One reason is because it is possible to 'cash out' bets on Betfair early to guarantee a profit, or reduce a loss, before the event starts or during the event. That's one reason but the other benefits of Betfair are explained on the website (click here).

Goals Brackets

0-1 Goals 15/8
2-3 Goals 15/8
4+ Goals 11/4


This asks you to be more specific with your Goal predictions. As it isn't as likley that you will get the correct result the odds tend to be better.

Correct Score

Team A Win Draw Team B Win
1-0 11/2 0-0 9/1 1-0 8/1
2-0 13/2 1-1 6/1 2-0 22/1
3-0 14/1 2-2 12/1 3-0 14/1
3-1 16/1     3-1 40/1


As you would imagine predicting the actual score of a match at full time is guess work, due to the large number of variable involved. Not much good if you want to win some money.

Correct Score at Half-Time

Team A Win Draw Team B Win
1-0 11/4 0-0 8/5 1-0 5/1
2-0 9/1 1-1 7/1 2-0 22/1
2-1 18/1     2-1 25/1
3-0 40/1     3-0 50/1
3-1 80/1        


Predicting the correct score at half time!

Which half had the most goals

First Half 21/10
Second Half Evens
Tie 11/4


Here you can predict which half will have the most goals scored (goals from both teams added together).

Clean Sheet betting

Team A to keep a Clean Sheet
(Team B not to Score)
Team B to keep a Clean Sheet (Team A not to Score) 11/5


Backing which team is not going to score any goals.

To Win to Nil

  Typical Odds
Team A to Win To Nil 4/5
Team B to Win To Nil 11/5


This bet is if you think a team will win the match and the other team will not score a goal . For example: 1-0, 2-0, etc.

First Team to Score

Team A 4/7
Team B 13/8
No Goals 9/1


Who will score the first goal in the match...you decide. You also get an option to bet on no goals.

Football betting tip

Sometimes the bookmakers will price no goals as a first team to score bet shorter than nil - nil as a correct score bet. For the same bet you get shorter odds meaning you don't have to risk as much money for your required level of winnings.

Time of the First Goal


Betting in this market is not going to make you rich but it could be a lot of fun, a bit like playing roulette. The bookmakers give you a selection of 'time frames' where you think the first goal will be scored by either team. Most bookmakers will offer one market; Before/After 27 minutes.

But some bookmakers will let you bet on 10 minute blocks as well:

  • 0-10
  • 11-20
  • 21-30
  • Etc, up to 90.

Shirt Numbers

Total (all scorers from both teams) Odds
0-36 5/6
37 and over 5/6


A prediction is made of the total of the shirt numbers for the players that score goals. You bet on whether you think the total of shirt numbers will be over or under the prediction.

So, if there are 3 Goals in a match scored by 3 separate players wearing the numbers: 7, 10 and 23. The total would be 7 + 10 + 25 = 24.

In the unlikely event you have the player in the 10 shirt scoring all three goals the total is 30.

You may also be offered other options..

Total (all scorers) Odds
Under 36 10/11
Over 36 4/5
Exactly 36 33/1
Total (all scorers)  
0-21 6/4
22-42 inclusive 11/5
43 or over 6/4


The above examples let you bet on the bookmakers' 'middle', or divides the options into tighter brackets. This offers slightly increased odds but restricts your betting options.

Goalscorer Bets

Player First Last Anytime
Player from Team A (most likely) 11/2 11/2 6/4
Player from Team B (most likely) 11/2 11/2 6/4
Player from Team A 6/1 6/1 13/8
Player from Team B 13/2 13/2 7/4
Etc, down to…
Player from Team A (most unlikely) 50/1 50/1 14/1
Player from B (most unlikely) 50/1 50/1 14/1
No Scorer 9/1    


Bookmaker offer the follow options for betting on a single palyer,

  1. to be the First Goal in the game
  2. to be the Last Goal in the game
  3. to score at Anytime during the game

The First and Last scorer bets are more difficult to predict, but offer bigger odds. Some bookmakers will offer Each-Way odds on First Goalscorer bets, paying out a fraction (usually 1/3 or 1/4 of the odds) if your pick is the second or third scorer.


First Scorer Result  Odds
Player A 1-0 to Team A 16/1
Player B 1-0 to Team B 18/1
Player A 2-0 to Team A 20/1
Player B 2-0 to Team B 22/1



This is basically a combination of a Correct Score bet and First Goalscorer bet - placed as a 'double' bet. You can choose any score and any player, but both must be correct to land a winner. You can get some very big odds, making this a popular bet. But, not one that will win you money in the long run.

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